Which wallpaper should you choose to make the spaces wider?

In terms of design and decoration, we all know that often, as important as being, is looking. Space perception and management do real miracles, especially when these solutions are applied to small spaces.

Making small living rooms, bedrooms, offices or kitchens into spaces that are comfortable and seem much larger than they really are has been one of the greatest challenges for interior design professionals. In fact, it is complex to enlarge a space without changing the housing or office structure, but there are little tricks that can help you a lot, like using wallpaper!

How to use wallpaper to make a room look bigger?

Covering a wall with the right wallpaper can create a true optical illusion that allows for a larger amplitude than the actual size of the space.

However, the wallpapers you choose must have certain characteristics, such as:

    1. Wide landscape wallpaper

Using wide landscape wallpapers, such as top-level images of a city or images of outdoor locations such as beaches or countryside, are perfect for giving a sense of breadth to the space.

Just cover one wall with this kind of wallpaper and you will see the differences!

    2. Light and gradient wallpaper

Light wallpapers, with colors such as beige, white, light pink or even pastel variations of green or blue are perfect for making spaces wider without knocking down any walls, since these wallpapers enhance lighting, even if it’s not from a natural source.

Gradients, always in light colors, are another great option to make the room look bigger!

    3. Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is also often used to enlarge the space.

If the goal is to expand the environment upwards, giving the feeling of being higher, the stripes should be used with a vertical orientation. For its part, horizontally striped wallpaper should be used if the desired result is a larger and more spacious environment.

Other tricks to make the spaces wider…

In addition to the use of wallpaper, there are other helpful tips interior designers can use to broaden space perception.

For example, placing a large mirror to one of the walls, placing the furniture within the perimeter of the walls or choosing a monochromatic design will greatly facilitate the enlargement of the room. Another option may also be to choose compact furniture such as a sofa-bed, an extendable table or a multifunctional wardrobe, which allow a better use of limited space.

All these tips are essential when choosing the decoration of small spaces. Help your customers value every corner of a home by optimizing available surfaces!

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