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Pedro Tavares Têxteis comes from a creative and proactive spirit and a great desire to bring colors, textures, patterns and comfort to the most diverse environments. Our work is directed exclusively to professionals in the field of interior decoration, striving hard to ensure that all our customers have access to products of the highest quality, innovation and originality.

In order to convey this message more directly, we wanted to innovate the way we present ourselves online and how we communicate with those who follow us, by renewing the Pedro Tavares Têxteis website.

Thus, we have transformed our formerly informative website into an online platform where you can not only know all our products and their features but can also order them!

What’s new on our website?

With the launch of the Pedro Tavares Têxteis new website, we intend to innovate and facilitate your experience with our brand, without neglecting the trusting relationships created, which are fostered by the solidity, quality and assertiveness of a personalized service.

Check out all the news from our website!

New design

The renewal of our website design was focused on conveying what we want to offer you: innovation and personalization!

Since our mission to satisfy our customers and partners in all their dimensions is distinguished by an offer of innovative and unique products, we wanted this innovation factor to be present in the Pedro Tavares Têxteis website, making it more intuitive and functional. Thus, you now have access to all our products, collections and brands separated by sectors, making your discovery easier and faster.

In addition, we focus on personalizing online contact with our customers, offering them solutions tailored to their needs and allowing them to contact us at any time.

Online ordering for partner companies

In the new Pedro Tavares Têxteis website, all our partner companies will be able to place their orders directly, safely, quickly and functionally. Discover in our interior decoration product line those that best suit your customers’ tastes and needs and order them right away!

We have a variety of wallpaper options as well as fabric collections with unique designs. In all these products you will find the respective characteristics in terms of composition, materials and patterns, as well as their availability. Just choose the quantities you want and manage your orders online through the reserved area of our site.

News and decorative ideas all year long!

Another great new of our website is the blog area!

In our blog you will find out all the news from Pedro Tavares Têxteis, such as new products and collections, and we will give you several decorative ideas to inspire you and for you to present them to your customers. Visit our blog several times, as there will always be something new to discover.

Get inspired by each web page of Pedro Tavares Têxteis website and start planning the next decorative combinations that you will present to your customers!

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