Cookie Policy

Pedro Tavares Têxteis uses cookies on this website, in order to improve user experience. Cookies are small text files that are copied to your computer or device, when you access this website, through the browser you are using, to help the website recognize your device in subsequent uses.

The term “cookies” is used on this policy to refer to files that store data in this ways. These files only store generic information that are related to user preferences, such as traffic source (the search path users take to reach the page, how they use and navigate the portal, and geographic data leading to page traffic, among others), and do not collect any personally identifiable information from you.

The use of cookies enables faster and more efficient browsing, suppressing the need for the User to repeatedly enter the requested information, and helps to parameterize the interest, the number of uses of the website. The authorization of the use of cookies is free, granted by the User and can be deactivated at any time, partially or totally, notwithstanding, once again, that this action may affect some functionality of the pages.

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