5 ideas for fabric decorations!

Using fabrics on home décor is an out-of-date option, also being an extremely versatile and easy to apply choice. With large or small pieces of fabric, it is possible to create fascinating pieces of decoration that bring color and life to the room in which they are located. From applying fabrics to walls, furniture or

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Which wallpaper should you choose to make the spaces wider?

In terms of design and decoration, we all know that often, as important as being, is looking. Space perception and management do real miracles, especially when these solutions are applied to small spaces. Making small living rooms, bedrooms, offices or kitchens into spaces that are comfortable and seem much larger than they really are has

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Discover all the news from Pedro Tavares Têxteis website!

Pedro Tavares Têxteis comes from a creative and proactive spirit and a great desire to bring colors, textures, patterns and comfort to the most diverse environments. Our work is directed exclusively to professionals in the field of interior decoration, striving hard to ensure that all our customers have access to products of the highest quality,

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