5 ideas for fabric decorations!

Using fabrics on home décor is an out-of-date option, also being an extremely versatile and easy to apply choice.

With large or small pieces of fabric, it is possible to create fascinating pieces of decoration that bring color and life to the room in which they are located. From applying fabrics to walls, furniture or small decorative objects, you just need to spark your imagination and find the perfect fabric for every project.

For example, the thinner fabrics are easier to handle, so they are perfect for artistic works, while the thicker fabrics are used to coat large pieces of furniture.

Discover 5 fabric decorating ideas you can use for your next interior decorating job!

    1. Paintings and frames with fabrics

Paintings with fabrics are quite elegant and original, linking perfectly with walls in neutral shades. If you choose a fabric in a vibrant pattern and with the colors that already make up the environment, the frame will stand out in the decoration without removing the shine from the other elements.

If you want to choose something more discrete, you can only decorate the frame of the painting with a fabric in the same colors.

    2. Lining furniture with fabrics? Yes!

Lining a piece of furniture with fabric or giving it a more special touch, covering the top or drawers with this material, is a trend that is here to stay.

Choose a monochromatic fabric that fits in with the rest of the room, match patterns or create a color gradient effect, then cut to size and glue. The result will always be beautiful!

    3. Fabric lampshade decorations

Do you want to give personality to your client’s lampshades? Then all you need is the right fabric!

This technique is great for any type of lamp, especially if you choose a fabric with a colorful and flashy pattern. In addition, you can also make combinations of various fabrics in the same lampshade, as long as you link them harmoniously together.

    4. Add a touch of originality to the stairs

Another unique way to use fabrics for home or office decoration is to use them to cover stairs.

Coating one side of the steps with one or more fabrics creates an incredible effect that will impress everyone. This kind of works are also great for developing your creativity as you can create various color and pattern compositions.

    5. Fabric headboards

If you’re decorating a room and need to bring it to life, a good idea would be to create an all-fabric headboard!

In this case, you just have to choose a vibrant pattern, such as floral or exotic patterns. Then, sew the fabric to the size of the bed with the desired structure and hang it on a simple rod.

As you can see, whether with small details or bolder work, fabrics can completely change the atmosphere of the next space you will decorate!

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